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Dear Friend & Neighbor,

Thank YOU! Throughout the pandemic, and all the many years that came before, our residents have stepped up and responded to our pleas for help.  Looking back on Suffield Community Aid’s long history, it is strikingly clear that the reason we are able to assist folks in their time of need is credited to two simple facts – we’ve been there for you AND you’ve been there for us … all along the way! 

Serving as Suffield’s safety net since 1903, SCA’s goal is to help residents achieve self-sufficiency, preserve economic well-being, and adjust to difficult circumstances and events in their lives.

Meet Avery and her mom Tiffany. Avery collected new coats to donate to SCA!

From a resident who received help:

Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped my family and me.  You never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed to need help.  We live in a small town, and people talk.  But I never had to worry about people at the SCA sharing my story.  I felt that I could speak freely and be assisted in a kind, confidential manner. You helped me when I needed it most. When my kids needed it most.

You likely already know about our food, fuel, and holiday basket programs.  You might even be aware that our staff regularly meets with residents, in-person or by phone, for purposes of promoting better overall individual and family functioning.  

Did you also know that, because of your past financial support, we provide camp subsidies, filled school backpacks and scholarships for children and youth living in low-income homes?  We are able to fund free lunches, blood pressure screening clinics and health promotion activities at the Suffield Senior Center for qualified seniors & disabled residents.     

It is because of you that we can offer an enriched level of care that would otherwise not be possible.

Some of SCA’s newer initiatives include:

  • COVID-19 Fund -targets assistance to those residents who do not qualify for other needs-based programs and whose lives have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.
  • Mental Health Counseling – SCA is assisting with associated fees to ensure the mental health needs of our residents are met.  
  • Adult Day Care- SCA provides introductory subsidies to encourage participation for those needing supervision during the day and respite for their caregivers.
  • Transportation Subsidies– SCA is helping financially qualified seniors, age 65 and older, or persons with a disability, get to where they want to go when other transportation options are not available.  

SCA is a distinctly unique, private, non-profit with a rich history. Formerly known as Emergency Aid Association, it began as an organization run exclusively by women. Its mission was to provide medical equipment throughout the Town and care to those who couldn’t obtain or afford it. The dedication of these early visionaries laid the foundation that now spans 118 years and counting.  

This beautiful tribute, written by Edna Pomroy in 1948, still holds true today: 

“Looking backward, we are reminded of Suffield’s indebtedness to those who founded this organization for the benefit of the sick and the needy, to those who worked to maintain and strengthen it in earlier years, and those who have endowed it from time to time.  The increasing knowledge and improved facilities of our time carry with them a comparable responsibility for greater service.  Together let us continue to strive to build worthily upon the foundation which others have laid so wisely and so well.”

Jack & Margaret Bucior delivering items for SCA’s Spring Basket Program

From a former, and now current, resident: 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help.  After leaving Suffield more than 35 years ago, I never dreamed I would be able to come back again.  Suffield is so good and caring to its senior citizens!  I’m so proud to call it home once again! 

The assistance we offer to our residents has come from the generosity of your gifts – all which have elevated the quality of life here in Suffield.  We also know that there are needs that we are not aware of that require our attention.  What are you looking for and how can we help?  

On behalf of the board and staff, we wish you a holiday filled with peace, health, and joy.

Janet Frechette, Executive Director & Alan FahrenholzPresident

P.S. Thank you, Suffield!   Your dedication and commitment to Suffield Community Aid has delivered a message of hope and inspiration to the residents we serve.

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