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Dear Friend & Neighbor,

2020 has been quite the year. The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off-guard and turned our lives upside down, leaving us to face the reality that some things are simply outside our control. These are times of challenge and uncertainty for all Suffield residents. Have you ever wondered where you could turn for help if you needed it? The answer is, you could seek out the services of Suffield Community Aid (SCA), of course!

SCA is that safe and welcoming place folks reach out to when they do not know where else to turn. YOUR gift to the SCA’s annual appeal furthers our mission and enriches our Town’s quality of life… as it has since 1903.

Suffield Community Aid provides supportive health and social services that positively affect the well-being of residents during times of need.
Our success has always depended on YOU!

When we cannot do what we do, we do what we can! SCA has been on-site to support our residents since the pandemic began. We have continued to respond to pleas for assistance, whether it’s requests for food, fuel, medical supplies, COVID-19 assistance, child care subsidies, home-delivered meals or for help caring for an aging parent. We have been right here, all along, to answer the call.

There are a number of reasons that residents find themselves seeking SCA’s supportive and confidential services. Serving as a safety net, our goal is to help residents achieve self-sufficiency, preserve economic well-being, and adjust to difficult circumstances and events in their lives.

SCA Volunteer, Amy Reay with home-delivered meal recipient, Daisy! Lots of friendships are formed along the way.

From a resident who received help through SCA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund:

I was working in the travel industry when COVID-19 hit. I was laid off and exhausted my benefits. Being age 70, and on oxygen, it is most doubtful that I will be called back. I emailed SCA and they called me immediately with relief and options.

I am so humbled and emotional as I never thought I would be in this situation. I am so blessed to be living in this wonderful town! Thank you for my happy tears of relief.

From a resident who received help for her children:

I am humbled and grateful for everything that you have assisted my children and I with throughout this year. I am sure many people will agree, this has been an extremely trying year. My heart is still smiling to know that there is help for people who are having a hard time navigating the basic necessities in life. I am touched beyond words, from the awesome backpacks and gift cards, to the food pantry and help navigating applying for things. Just know that you are a blessing to my family and the community your serve.

SCA, with the help of Ryan Selig, Suffield Animal Control, matched two lonely hearts. Ralph was grieving the loss of his beloved dog when Mopsy, an abandoned rescue, entered his life and warmed his heart!

From a resident facing a serious health crisis:

Never have I personally felt so desolate and alone as when I walked into your office that day. In no way would I have ever anticipated what an enormous blessing that would be! Driving home, I felt a significant shift. I felt less excruciatingly alone, an ease of my immediate burden and something positive.

The beginning of hope. I was never met with judgment, only compassion and care. We would not be where we are today without all your support and that of our generous community.

A distinctly unique non-profit organization, Suffield Community Aid has been a cornerstone provider of social services for the benefit of our Town residents for more than a century. We hope you will agree that our work is vital to the community and deserves your support. Your financial gift, in whatever amount feels right, will foster a sense of hope for some of our community’s most vulnerable residents. We are counting on your help!

On behalf of the board and staff, we wish you a holiday season filled with health, peace and joy.

Janet Frechette, Executive Director & Alan FahrenholzPresident

P.S. Through the generosity of community members, a COVID-19 Relief Fund has been created, which targets assistance for those individuals and families who do not qualify for other need-based programs and services, but whose lives were significantly impacted by COVID-19. We’re here for YOU too!

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